Find Your Water Provider

You can use this tool to find out who your local water provider is and how to contact them. 
(Search the map for your address, then click “Find Services!” to see your provider)

Residential and Commercial Rebates 

Local water providers and the county offer a variety of residential and commercial rebates that will help you save water and money. 

Below are several sites to explore with information on rebates for water efficient devices such as toilets, sprinklers, and clothes washers; cash for grass programs; and other lawn- and irrigation-related rebates for your home or business. 

Flood Control and Environmental Permits

The Los Angeles Water Board provides information on municipal stormwater permits for Los Angeles County here. 

Storm Season Preparedness

To make sure you get the latest information, updates, and emergency alerts on LA County storms, visit Weathering #LARain: A Resource Guide

Homeowner’s Guide

If you’re a homeowner looking to protect your property from flood, debris, and erosion damage, this guide provides information on devices and other cost-saving measures you can take. Spanish version available here.

Mudflow Advice

Engineering advice for mudflow protection is available from LA County here

Sandbag Pickup

Are you in need of free sandbags? Use this map to locate the nearest fire station or beach location providing sandbags.

Flood Zone Determination

Do you know what flood zone you’re in? Use this tool to find out.


WaterTalks provides a series of community events designed to generate and increase community involvement in planning a sustainable water future for California. Participation in WaterTalks community events will help ensure communities’ needs, concerns, questions, and insights become part of the State’s future water projects.