Water for LA is a program to transform LA County residents from passive water consumers to empowered and informed water advocates dedicated to sustainability and health for all.

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Where does our water come from in LA County?

In LA County, roughly ⅔ of our water comes from outside sources via aqueducts that import the water. The remainder comes from local sources such as groundwater basins, recycled water, and stormwater. See The LA Water Journey for more information.

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What is a watershed?

An area of land where streams and rainfall drain into a common outlet, like a lake, river, or the ocean. LA County’s watersheds include some of our most iconic natural spaces, like the LA River and the Santa Monica Bay. Learn about your watershed here.

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How did LA County’s population become so big when the climate is this dry?

The answer lies in our complex water management system, which began to take shape relatively recently in the 20th Century. Visit our History page to learn how Angelenos built and adapted our water system to provide water for over 10 million people.

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What Rebates and Resources are Available for Me in LA County?

Local water providers and the county offer a variety of residential and commercial rebates that will help you save water and money.

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What is Water for LA?

Water for LA is a program to transform LA County residents into empowered, informed water advocates. Learn more about Water for LA’s mission and vision for LA County here.

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How can I keep our water clean?

By taking action, you can help protect our water quality. Picking up litter, avoiding harmful pesticides and keeping your cars fluids off the street can make a huge difference ! Get more ideas here.

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